Spring Machine
Forming Machine

RX series
MX series
AX series
MCS series
SX series
FX series

Coiling Machine
PCX series
CX series

MCS-G series
MCX series
PC/PC-H Series

New NC Forming Machine built on ITAYA control system,
with over 30 years of experience building NC spring making machines.

FX Series

Computer Controlled Coiling Machine

Each bending Slides are equipped with independent servo motors,
capable to control driving distance & timing through computer program,
enabling FX machine to minimize its set up time, ready to run the production!

FX Forming Machine

  • FX-10A and FX-10B models are new NC Forming Machines build with know-how achieved through over 30 years of experience building CNC multi-slide Spring Making Machines. Both these models can equip up to (maximum of) 15 Servo Slide Axes, enabling to handle very complicated multi-slide movements while satisfying its cost performance.
  • Standard servo system consists of: 1 x Feed Axis, 9 x Bending Slide Axes (with possibility to add 2 more option Slides to make it total of 11), 1 x Rear Slide Axis and with 1 x Press Unit Axis (only available on FX-10A model).
  • Because each Bending Slides are driven by independent servo motors, computer programs of FX machine can fine adjust movements of each Slide axes, allowing the machine operator to minimize his machine set up time.
  • Cam is not necessary to be made, as the moving amount and timing of each Slide can be fine adjusted on the program.
  • Central Basic Tooling Table and the Press Tooling Table (only available on FX-10A) are made 100% compatible to accept existing TEIJIN ZUB series tools.
  • FX machine can work on round wire as well as on flat strip materials, being made capable of manufacturing various types of products.

Machine Specifications

FX-10A FX-10B
Forming Capability Wire Dia. 0.2mm - 1.0 mm
Strip Material
(Max. Thickness x Width)
0.3 x 20 mm
Peripheral Device Control
Power Requirements 3 Phase 20A
Machine Dimensions Height 1750 mm 1650 mm
Width 1150 mm 1000 mm
Depth 800 mm 800 mm
Weight 1250 kg 950 kg

Feature for Servo Motor

Feed Max. Speed 70m/min.
Min. Increment 0.01mm
Bending Slide Min. Increment 0.001mm
Stroke 30mm
Max. Press Force6.5kN
Rear Slide Min. Increment 0.01mm
Stroke 20mm
Max. Press Force1.2kN
Press Unit (FX-10A)Stroke 10mm
Max. Press Force59kN

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