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Computer Controlled Wire Forming Machine

Introducing the next generation wire forming machine, the "MCX" , which blends the merits of Models MCS and MCT and includes twelve servo motors as standard equipment.

MCX features eight Slides and two Spinners , so it can be placed on a circular table at any angle.
Each Slide is driven by an independent servo motor. As standard, it also comes with the Rotary Wire Guide System that has been well received by owners of Model MCS-G.

MCX-20 Computer Controlled Wire Forming Machine

Features of MCX-20:

  • No need to adjust the position or exchange cam. All axis is controlled by an independent motor.
  • You can specify the stroke of tool by value. This makes the programming easier.
  • No need to worry about the Cam Layout. You can concentrate on the Tool Layout.
  • Features listed above allow the simpler forming layout and shorter setup time.

Servo Motors of 12 Axes:
  • Totally, MCX-20 is equipped with 12 axes as standard.
  • Each Axis has activation switch to be ready for the direct operation.
Axis Name Q'tyUsage
Feed 1 2 pair of Feed Roll feed the wire.
Rotary Wire Guide 1 The Wire Guide is rotated around the wire.
Slide 8 Positioned at any angle around the circular table.
Spinner 2 Rotates the arbor or the bending tool.
Total 12 Total of 12 axes are equipped as standard.

Each Slides are driven by independent Servo Motor:
  • 8 slides are provided around the circular table as standard equipment and they can be positioned at any angle.
  • Each slide is driven by an independent servo motor.
  • The circular table is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting the position of slide.

Servo Spinner:
  • 2 spinners are provided as standard equipment and can be positioned at any angle.
  • They will ease the complicated bending process, and they can even be used as the spindle axes of the torsion machine.

Rotary Wire Guide System:
  • This device enables various forming process which have been impossible using the Quill. Also, this device affords higher modules of rigidity than the Quill system.
  • Because the Rotary Wire Guide Tool can rotates around the wire during its forming process, it has greatly expanded the forming capability, and has even eliminated the necessity of grinding process required to the Quill.
  • Being in 2 separate pieces, wire will not be clogged and their maintenance is very easy.
  • This system may be found very economical, since various springs such as Single/Double Torsion Springs and Battery Springs can be produced, and some wire forming may be possible, only with one set of the R.W.G. Tools.

  • Various Standard FeaturesF Remote Handle, Teaching Functions, Sensor Inputs, Slide Check Sensors, Alarm Inputs, Peripheral Device Control, Tri-color Signal Tower w/ buzzer, Build-in Calendar Clock, etc.
  • Various Optional FeaturesF SCD Sensor, Serial Dot Printer, Video Printer, Communication Function, etc.



MCX-10 MCX-20
Wire Dia.
0.2mm - 1.0mm 0.5mm - 2.0mm
Feed Axis Max. Speed 90m/min. 90m/min
Min. Increment 0.02mm 0.02mm
Motor 850W 1800W
Rotary Wire Guide Axis Max. Speed 272rpm 272rpm
Min. Increment 0.001 0.001
Motor 100W 400W
Slide Axis Max. Speed 272rpm 272rpm
Min. Increment 0.075degree 0.05degree
Motor 200W 750W
Spinner Axis Max. Speed 600rpm 600rpm
Min. Increment 0.001 0.001
Motor 100W 400W
1487W,1085D,1599H 1751W,1130D,1699H
Net Weight
800kg 1400kg

CPU 32 bit Micro Processor
Internal Memory 600 Programmable Steps
External Memory 3.5 Inch Micro Floppy Discket
Display 10 Inch Color CRT
Operable Temperature 0-45 degree Celsius (32-113 degree Fahrenheit)

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