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Spring Statistical Process Controller


SCD-7 is world's first and only Statistical Process Controller
that is equipped with Static Capacity Sensor and
Image Sensors to measure the free length,
diameter and shape of springs.

SCD-7 Spring Statistical Process Controller

  • SCD7 inherits the Static Capacity Sensor and Statistical Process Control capability of the SCD5.
  • By using the reliable Static Capacity Sensor, SCD7 can measure the free length of springs.
  • By using the Image Sensors, SCD7 can measure the free length, diameter and shape of springs. Various cameras and Lenses are available according to the measurement requirements.
  • The results of Static Capacity and Image Sensor measurements are displayed in Line Graph, Histogram and Image windows.
  • It is equipped with operating system of Pentium and Linux to achieve fast image processing and graphic display.
  • The specification of measured compression spring, free length, number of good and bad springs, total number of springs, ratio of good springs, line graph, histogram, statistic data calculated by histogram can be saved in USB flash memory. Saved data in USB flash memory can be printed by personal computer.
  • SCD7 can be installed on various spring making machines same as SCD5.
  • Static Capacity Sensor, Sorting and Feedback Device are standard equipment.

Features (Image Sensor)
  • Easy Operation !!
    Imager sensor has basic efficiency function for measuring the spring and doesnft have excessive ones. Thus, complicated setting up procedure is not necessary.
  • Statistical graph displays the condition and tendency of spring.
    Statistical displays (histogram, line graph) that is poplar with static capacity sensor is also displayed measured by Image Sensor, like free length, diameter & angle.
  • Maximum of seven kinds of measurement is available.
    When install built-in image sensor PCB on SCD-7, SCD-7 can control up to two camera and each camera can measure free length, diameter and angle. Then, maximum of seven kinds of measurement is available when use all of measuring capable items. When use several trigger start timing, it is possible to start the measuring by different timing.
  • Image Sensor can apply not only for compression spring but also another spring.
    Diameter and angle can be measured that are not possible to measure by previous length checking unit. Image sensor can measure torsion spring and/or wire forming by proper setup of measurement way.
  • Image sensor is the best solution to prevent mixture of defect spring.
    Image sensor check and confirm the spring by camera and as a result, mixture of defected springs comes to Zero. Thus, checking task by hand is not necessary.
  • Easy signal communication with the machine (standard feature for SCD-7)
    It is easy to connect to various ITAYA machines and sort out defect spring by sorting chute. SCD-7 can send the signal to the machine to make visible defect spring.
    Direct feedback by servo axis is possible without using accompanied Feedback motor by utilizing modification input signal.
  • Easy saving and printing for measured data !! (standard feature for SCD-7)
    Measured data can be saved in USB memory. Those saved data can be saved in personal computer also and can print by printer connected with computer. Statistical data (including graph), setup data, record of bad spring, alarm history, etc. are able to print.
  • CCTV lens (focus changeable) and Telecentric lens (focus fixed) are available that are corresponding to measuring spring.
    CCTV lens is suitable for measuring the spring object larger than 3mm in its size. Telecentric lens is suitable for measuring the spring object smaller than 3mm in its size.
  • Image sensor can display different size of springs by adjusting the distance between CCTV lens and Camera by close-up ring.

Computer Specification
Display 12inch TFT Color LC Display
(XGA size)
CPU Pentium Processor
Program Storage USB flash memory
Operating Temp. 0 to 45
Power Requirements AC100V / 117V
220V / 240V
Current Consumed Rating 2A
Dimensions 309mm (Height) x
314mm (Width) x
406mm (Depth)
Weight 14kg (SCD-7 Main body),
3kg (Sorting Chute),
4kg (Feedback Device)

Static Capacity Sensor Specification
Free length
(minimum tolerance
+/- 0.04mm)

Image Sensor Specification (Option)
Minimum unit 0.0025 (mm/pixel) *
Number of pixels 640 * 480
* This is Telencentric lens (4 power).

Standard Accessories
SCD-7 Main body
(Static Capacity Sensor Control built-in)
1 set
Mouse 1 set
Static Capacity Sensor 1 set
Sensor Tip 1 pc.
Measurement Timing Detecting Sensor 1 set
Sorting Chute 1 set
Feedback Device 1 set
USB flash memory 1 pc.
Users Manual 1 pc.

Optional Accessories
Various Sensor Tips
Camera for Image Sensor
Control PCB for Image Sensor
(Necessary when install one camera,
possible to control up to two cameras.)

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Download of the catalogue scd7a.pdf(5.08MB)
* Abobe Reader is neceeary for reference.